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Learn about the benefits that Eco Wood Pack System has for you.

Modelos Personalizados


Our models are fully customizable so you can give that special touch to your product.

Envases Reciclable


Our packaging is made of renewable and sustainable wood fiber, FSC certified.

Ensamblado con maquinaria automática


Our containers can be assembled with automatic machinery, and some of them manually.

Espacio de almacenamiento

Storage space

Flat and stackable boxes for easy storage, transport and assembly.

Tecnología de impresión digital


We use high definition digital printing technology.

Costes competitivos

Competitive costs

Thanks to the studied Eco design applied, we use very thin thicknesses of fiber. This allows us to save up to 80% less wood.

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Use them over and over again

Our packaging allows us to

Give it many additional uses, made with harmless materials resistant, high quality and durability.

Total protection

Protect your fruits and vegetables

Foldwood containers are made from a single piece of renewable wood fiber, 1 to 2 m thick, which offers complete protection for your products.

More than a Box

Customize every detail

High definition digital printing, die-cutting with special shapes, taking care of every detail to make your product a work of art.

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